Why choose The Payday Punch?

At paydaypunch.com, we work closely with reputable payday loan lenders with varying criteria, so you can be assured that you are getting the best same day loans deals available to you. Here are some of the reasons why people choose us:

  • Make 1 application, we search for the best deal for you
  • Greater chance of being accepted – let us spin our magic! *
  • Fast decision **
  • Cash in your bank account the same day! **

Our payday loan lenders search services are free of charge, so even by applying now, you are not committing yourself to accepting the sameday loans we find for you.

Don't get caught in a web of despair; why not try our UK payday loan calculator to see what you could borrow and for how long. Simply move the slider left or right and we will show you what your repayment will be – it really couldn’t be easier!


Our Practices

  • We do not charge hidden or unnecessary fees
  • We do not target customers who are in financial distress or difficulty
  • We do not encourage customers to take out fast loans that are not suitable
  • Our service is made clear to customers and is simply worded and explained on our website
  • We follow all legal and regulatory best practices

Be Responsible

  • Please look carefully at whether you can afford any loan before taking one out
  • To avoid paying penalties and extra charges, repay your loan on time if at all possible
  • Please be aware that if you do make late repayments or fail to repay your loan you will incur further charges that can be costly
  • A UK payday loan is a short term loan. If you are looking for a loan over a longer period of time consider alternative types of finance that may be more suitable
  • If you are struggling to repay your loans or think you may have debt problems you should consider looking at other alternatives that may better suit your circumstances

Our 8 top reasons why to choose The Payday Punch

  • Borrow between £50 - £1,000
  • 7 days a week
  • Cash can transfer in mins **
  • Even on bank holidays
  • Borrow for any reason
  • 100% online application
  • Easy 60 second application
  • Often no phone calls

Typical customer examples

Meet Sandra

Sandra has 3 children, and in the summer months they had discomfort from the glaring sun through the car windows. Sandra decided to professionally tint her windows, and after being accepted the same day for £200, her problem was soon solved.

Meet Craig

Craig was unfortunately involved in a minor car accident which was his fault. With £250 excess on his car insurance, Craig didn’t have enough to cover this. Within the timescales of the insurance companies requirements, Craig was accepted and the case was settled.

The above are fictitious examples which are intended for representative purposes only.